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conversation should be more fun


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string of text posts sorry not sorry gonna make a list now you can leave if you want

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howwwwwww to relate?????

Emotional nausea is the worst

Was totally bland
“I guess I wanted to backspace a month”
But apparently I read into that too much

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Imagine what you could do, if you really loved something, if you weren’t just phoning it in. You’re so good even when you’re half-assing it. Imagine, what a supernova you could be, if you actually cared about something and believed in it, if you brought the full force of your intelligence and your passion (it’s in there somewhere) and your hard work and focused it on something that MATTERED to you.

Shut out all of those old, negative voices from your past, and listen to your own voice instead. You are not full of shit. You are full of energy and wit and brilliance and raw potential. And you are on your way to a whole new life.


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We made it to the 8,000 ft summit right before sunset. Came out with just a few minor bruises and scratches :) thank god.

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O’ahu 2014// Panoramic Series.

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John Mayer breaks up with Jessica Simpson on a hotel balcony in Cabo, 2007

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My eyes sting
I’m so hydrated, yet I still feel so ill

Emotions!!! And also physically feelin’ the sleep deprivation

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*is on phone with mom talking in English abt my inexplicably drab af mood and my relationship insecurities* *notices that close friend of bf is nearby* *DGAF*

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D*Face - Los Angeles, Califoria

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D*Face - Los Angeles, Califoria


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